Repair, return or recycle

Social Living furniture is built to last. We’ve designed it to be easily repaired, returned and recycled. By creating a circular market for our products, it’s our way of keeping more furniture waste off the streets and out of landfill.

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From our hands, to yours, then back again


Scan the barcode

All of our sustainable bedding and furniture has a barcode. This is so you can scan it and let us know if it needs repairing or to be picked up for recycling.


Book a repair or collection

Our modular furniture is designed to be repaired with new parts, or disassembled for easy reuse or recycling. Once you’ve let us know what you need, we’ll book it in.


We’ll handle the rest!

Now it’s our turn. The Social Living Transport crew will be in touch with you to either send you a part or swing by to pick up your furniture.

Interested in the Full-Cycle Program?

We’re putting the final touches on this game changing program. Join our mailing list to stay up to date with any progress we make and to get the latest news on our sustainable bedding and furniture.

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